Imagine your entire life, including all your travels and experiences, every e-mail you’ve ever sent, every relationship you’ve ever had, book or magazine you?ve read, every phone call you’ve made or received and TV show you’ve watched, every purchase you’ve made?all of it accessible by computer! A GPS implant would allow anyone to locate you and sensors would record everything you saw or said. Biomedical monitors would keep constant tabs on your health (and set off alarms when you smoked that illicit cigarette). Sounds like a Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick? Nope, it’s your life?care of the U.S. government!

The Defense Department is about to embark on the LifeLog project, which is designed to gather every possible bit of information about a person’s life and make it searchable on the computer. The information will be used to “trace the ‘threads’ of an individual’s life,” according to LifeLog. There’s no reference to the fact that every life has some threads we don’t want traced.

Lifelog claims that anyone with access to your database could “retrieve a specific thread of past transactions, or recall an experience from a few seconds ago or from many years earlier ? by using a search-engine interface.” This is being promoted as a security measure against terrorism, but it will mean the end of buying naughty lingerie or sex toys, watching “Survivor” instead of PBS, ingesting fast food or hard liquor (or blowing grass), having sex with the milkman, etc.?we’ll all have to be good all the time, because the government will be watching! Will they eventually be able to tune into our brain waves to find out if we’re secretly feeling rebellious?

This is a situation that Communist and fascist regimes can only envy?carried out by a democratic government. Can we doubt that life is becoming more like science fiction every minute?

There’s one place they can’t follow us?into the Gap!

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