UFO researcher Erick Martinez, who spread the word about the alien photo taken in Chile, has received phone calls about it from all over the world. The most amazing was from a Japanese journalist who says it resembles a dangerous creature from an ancient Japanese legend.

Scott Corrales quotes Martinez as saying, “Japan’s most important newspaper (Asahi Shimbun) published the photo. The fact of the matter is that they have had a legend for thousands of years about a creature called the Kappa. According to them, the figure in the photo resembles the legendary creature.”

Kappas are as small as a monkey, with scaly greenish or yellow skin, and they drag humans to the river bottom to drown them. Martinez says, “The journalist was translating for the people over there, and when I told him that Parque Forestal (the site of the photograph) was only a few meters away from the Mapocho River, they went wild. If I understood correctly, he was telling me that they still get reports (about the Kappa).”

Martinez says that he also received a video showing strange lights in the same location where the “alien” was photographed. He says, “I truly cannot say what it is, but we have a strange photograph, we have a strange video from the same place…what can I tell you? This tells me something is going on.”

Journalist Juan Carlos asks, “Could this be an urban version of the Chupacabras?”

Too much of the truth remains hidden.

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