As we did in the Gulf War and in Afghanistan, we will leavea legacy of death behind us in Iraq in the form of depleteduranium (DU) bullets. At one time, retreating armies leftland-minds behind, buried in the dirt, where they couldn’tbe seen by children at play, who would suddenly have a limbblown off (if they weren’t killed immediately). The latePrincess Diana was an advocate for the removal ofland-mines. The use of DU bullets is illegal according tointernational law, but as we learned with bioweapons, thisdoesn’t make much difference–it doesn’t keep both sides, ina conflict, from making and using them.

Spent DU bullets, when left on the ground, can pollute thewater and soil. And they don’t only hurt our enemies?DU dustmay have been one of the main causes of Gulf War Syndrome inAmerican troops. More than 500,000 Gulf War vets currentlyreceive disability compensation for Gulf War Syndrome. Atiny dust particle containing less than a nanometer of DU,once it is inhaled or otherwise absorbed into the body, cancause long-term damage to health. DU Exposure can lead tolung and kidney problems and bowel problems, and can causechromosome damage which leads to cancer. Children andpregnant women are especially vulnerable to DU poisoning.

To read an excellent article on this subject by ChristopherBollyn,clickhere.

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