An alleged Defense Intelligence Agency UFO briefing document has been leaked to the host of the late-night talk radio program Midnight in the Desert, Heather Wade. Wade reported her receipt of the document on June 13, 2017, from two retired military personnel that she is familiar with, although she says she plans to keep their identities a secret. Although the authenticity of the documents have yet to be verified, at least one U.S. Navy analyst has already cast doubt on the legitimacy of the papers.

Wade is making the 47-page document available to the public, and their authenticity is currently being investigated by veteran UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman. Friedman had previously investigated the authenticity of the Majestic 12 documents, obtained by ufologist Jaime Shandera in 1984. The documents are dated January 8, 1989, and are supposedly a brief issued by "MJ-1", corresponding to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as per the list of Majestic-12 members supplied by the earlier MJ-12 documents. In 1989, William Hedgcock Webster would have been CIA Director (he is currently the chair of the Homeland Security Advisory Council), although the document does not say whom the brief was being addressed to.

However, retired U.S. Navy Analyst Peter Capwell Thomas is skeptical about the authenticity of the briefing document itself — albeit with the caveat that he believes that some of the subject matter discussed within it may reflect actual events.

In an email sent to Earthfiles’ Linda Moulton Howe, Thomas, having extensive experience in preparing sensitive documents for classification, pointed out a multitude of formatting and typographic irregularities, plus numerous inconsistencies within the documents. Ultimately, he considers the composition to be too sloppy to have passed muster as a brief for a high-ranking official:

"Finally, the pages you have reprinted so far from Heather Wade’s link to the website where she placed the alleged DIA document from her two male sources on June 13, 2017, would never pass the scrutiny of the Chain of Command. I have briefed the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition and I can say with certainty that what I’ve seen of this alleged "Ultra Top Secret" memo, it would be considered the shoddiest of work and never allowed to get anywhere near the Director of the CIA, DIA or NSA."

In a follow-up interview with Howe, Thomas discusses confirming his analysis with a friend involved in "active counterintelligence" that "no briefing doc so poorly written and organized would ever be written, would ever pass muster, and certainly would never reach a CIA director." He discusses his own views on government involvement in the UFO phenomenon, based on his own private research, and also points out that he feels that an analysis of the retrieval of a crashed disk near Aztec, NM in 1948 that was included in the document, may reflect authentic research efforts:

"This section of the saucer hull which contained both upper and lower deck cabins were joined along microscopic lines by —– of electromagnetic locking section engineered into their molecular structure. When Dr. (Vannevar) Bush and a team of military engineers found several interlocking bay-like devices in a cabinet built into the wall, Dr. (Carl) Helland determined that those could be used to dismantle the craft into sections. At the joints, the operator of the keys, which linked together for different sized tasks, simply passed the tool over the seem. The device, which looked like a tuning fork and had each tine magnetized with opposite polarity, unlocked the joint when passed over it in one direction and rejoined the sections when it was drawn in the other direction. Even after disassembly and prolonged storage, the separate sections of this craft still maintain their power and operating capabilities to this day. All attempts to alter the magnetic fields that connect sections of the craft, performed with the use of powerful electromagnets under exacting laboratory conditions, have failed to change the degree of the interlocking effect. Also, kinetic force (repeated blows) has failed to alter molecular magnetic alignment according to crystal holographic imaging tests recently conducted (in 1989)." 

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