There have been numerous incidents recently of laserpointers being flashed at the cockpits of landing aircraft.So far, these have only distracted pilots, and in one casecaused a retinal burn, but the use of common laser pointersmodified for high power output could become a dangerousterror weapon.

Al Frank writes in the New Jersey Star-Ledger that pilotsare worried about this, since if a laser flashes in theireyes, it can temporarily blind them. On Wednesday, January29, the pilot of a corporate jet carrying 13 passengersreported his cockpit was hit by three green laser flashes ashe was flying over a crowded mall. On Monday, January 27,two pilots trying to land in Colorado Springs reportedseeing laser flashes in their cockpits. All planes were ableto land safely, but a Delta pilot reports receiving laserburns on his retina from a laser flash on September 22 inSalt Lake City.

Sales of laser pointers, which generally cost a few hundreddollars, may have to be restricted in the future, the wayspray paint is in many communities, due to its use increating graffiti.

On this week?sDreamland, Dr.Roger Leirreports that people often try to signal UFOs withflashlights. Thank goodness they haven?t used laser pointersor there would be even more Roswells to report!

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