Some amazing rescues occurred during the recent tsunamis. A10-year-old English girl saved her entire family because sheremembered a geography lesson she?d learned in school. And agroup of gypsies used their ancient knowledge of the sea tosave themselves.

Duncan Larcombe reports in The Sun newspaper that TillySmith warned the adults at the Marriott hotel on MaikhaoBeach, where they were all staying at in Thailand, byinsisting a giant tidal wave was about to strike. Minuteslater the tsunami hit and destroyed the beach and nearbybuildings. The Marriott was one of the few resorts wherethere was no loss of life, because the adults staying therewere wise enough to listen to a ten-year-old. According toLarcombe, she screamed, “Mummy, we must get off the beachnow! I think there’s going to be a tsunami.” She later saidshe recognized the shape of the oncoming waves from herteacher?s descriptions and knew they would be dangerous.

The Tampa Tribune reports that a group of gypsies recognizedthe waves in time to evacuate the beach as well. They reliedon knowledge of the ocean passed down from generation togeneration. The Thai fishermen, known as the Morgan seagypsies, were able to save an entire village. By the timekiller waves arrived, the entire population of 181 peoplehad fled to the safety of a temple high in the mountains.

These gypsies have detailed knowledge of whagt the seashould look like, since they spend long months on theirfishing boats. The rest of the time, they live in shelterson the beach.

When you see something no one else does, it doesn?tnecessarily meanyou?re theone who?s wrong. It could be that everybody else has thewrong idea!

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