Would-be Dads should use them on a desk – While fatherhood might be far from the minds of most young men, behavior patterns they establish early on may impact their ability to become a dad later in life. Excessive laptop use (as well as wearing briefs instead of boxers) may be one of the biggest problems. Also, don’t eat too many sweets!

Researcher Suzanne Kavic says, “Laptops are becoming increasingly common among young men wired into to the latest technology. The heat generated from laptops can impact sperm production and development making it difficult to conceive down the road.” 40% of the problems that couples have conceiving are eventually traced to the male.Losing weight can help you attract a woman, but staying away from sweets can help you become a parent, because too many sweets lower testosterone levels, and without enough of that hormone, men lose libido (meaning they don’t WANT to have sex).

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