When we read about Korea in the morning newspaper, we usually learn about tensions between North and South. Something that?s rarely mentioned is that South Korea is a hotbed of UFO activity.

An internet search of Korean websites will reveal hundreds of home pages dedicated to UFO sightings. So far there have been no Roswell-type crashes and no reported abductions.

Researcher Seo Jong-han has been studying UFOs for 20 years. By day, he works as a computer game developer; in his spare time, he?s a member of the Korean UFO Research Association, KUFORA.

Hundreds of photographs of UFOs cross his desk every year. ?Ninety-nine percent of the photos I get are fakes,? he says. Still, there are some genuine mysteries out there. On September 4, 1995, a mother ship was filmed by a newspaper reporter. In February, 1998, a saucer-shaped UFO was filmed. This past April, a round UFO was captured on film by a TV cameraman.

Seo examines each image for traces of forgery. If the photo survives his scrutiny, he passes it on to a fellow researcher in Japan for a second opinion.

Korea has a long history of UFO sightings. During the Korean War, both U.S. and Korean pilots reported UFO sightings, just as the U.S. and Germany did in World War II.

Pilots are still seeing saucers. In March 1979, two Korean Air Force pilots participating in a military exercise reported seeing a ?very bright, lighted plane,? although nothing showed up on their radar screens. The pilots said that the ship had flashing lights on the sides and what looked like a ?burning furnace? in the middle. It shot sideways, stopped, then moved rapidly upwards and out of sight.

UFOs with fire-like, molten centers have been seen in Guatemala, among other locations. UFOs very often do not show up on radar. And the stop-and-start, rapid movement the pilots described is typical of UFOs and is not possible with any known aircraft in existence today.

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