Killer clothes may soon be available, with tiny molecular daggers that latch onto fibers and stab and destroy microbes. Image socks that cure athlete’s foot, underwear that cures jock itch, or suits that repel SARS. Military uniforms could even kill anthrax. And due to public protest, Benetton is backing out of installing microscopic tracking devices on all their clothing.

Scientist Robert Engel has designed molecular daggers that can coat fabrics. Each one is only a few atoms long and attracts bacteria and fungus. For these nasty germs, “It’s like resting on a bed of nails,” says co-inventor JaimeLee Iolani.

On March 23, we wrote about microscopic clothing tags that can track your every move for as long as you own the item. The clothing manufacturer Benetton was set to be the first to try them, but now, after a barrage of concern from privacy advocates, they may be backing out. If they do use the tags, they’ll give customers the option of having them disabled or removed.

Benetton spokesman Federico Sartor says, “?The problem is not so much with our specific use of the smart label?some consumers are doubtful of a pervasive spread of this technology in our society, they fear it may be used to control them.”

Who’s really controlling things in this world? Ask Jim Marrs?he knows all about it.

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