The U.S. has an ancient tree called the Bristlecone Pine. Australians have the Wollemi Pine, a plant from the Jurassic age which was once thought to have been extinct for two million years. In 1994, it was found to have survived in a single isolated area. Botanist Carrick Chambers says it was “the equivalent of finding a small dinosaur still alive on Earth.” Now you can buy a Wollemi Pine houseplant.

David Whitehouse writes for BBC News Online writes that the Wollemi?s home is a closely guarded secret, just like the location of the Bristlecone in California. No roads lead to it, and scientists who study the Wollemi are blindfolded and flown to the area by helicopter.

Botanist Sally McGeoch says that since the Wollemi Pine survived for millions of years, the saplings do well in hot or cold climates and thus make perfect indoor plants. She says, “They grow slowly, like low-light and would be perfect on a patio.”

With all the new discoveries being made about ancient societies, it’s time to rewrite history.

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