A single junk food meal (which is composed mainly of saturated fat) is bad for the health of our arteries, while no damage occurs after eating a "Mediterranean" style meal, which is rich in good fats. In fact, this kind of meal may even have a POSITIVE effect on our arteries.

The results were established in 28 non-smoking men, who ate the Mediterranean-type meal first and then the junk food-type meal one week later.

And it ‘s possible to tell this right away: By measuring endothelial function, a researcher can determine how easily the arteries will dilate following the consumption of the two types of meals. Endothelial function is closely linked to the long-term risk of developing coronary artery disease.

Cardiovascular expert Anil Nigam says, "These results will positively alter how we eat on a daily basis. Poor endothelial function is one of the most significant precursors of atherosclerosis. It is now something to think about at every meal."

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