Many, many people have written in the past twenty-four hours calling attention to the Nostradamus prophecies that seem to relate directly to the World Trade Center bombing. In fact, there does appear to be a major connection. But is it real, or in the eye of the beholder? And, if the connection is as strong as it seems, what do we do with it now? Has a sixteenth century prophet really left a message for our troubled era?

John Hogue is one of the greatest and best Nostradamus scholars alive today. He has been studying the prophet for twenty years, as well as the language he wrote in and the myriad meanings of the words and allusions in the prophecies.

What better place for Dreamland to journey than into the world of prophecy, during this terrible time. John Hogue’s careful, intelligent and sensible reading of the prophet will help us get to the truth about what may be a remarkable insight into our time, and a finger from the distant past pointing directly at the importance of this moment.

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