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BULLETIN FOR THE WORLD TRADE BOMBING From John Hogue, Nostradamus Scholar. (Sept. 11, 2001)

“A King of Terror will come from the skies”

Nostradamus Century 10, Quatrain 72

Today the speed of events make my words brief and rough hewn in their composition.

In the 1550s, the French prophet, Michel Nostradamus, foresaw a great king of terror descending from the skies. Perhaps that terror, carried on wings of metal, guided by those fighting to die, sliced the World Trade Center and the Pentagon structures like butter the morning of September 11. Seized by this terrible act my mind recalls the many interpretations made from the prophet’s cryptic words. I ask your forgiveness today. I only have time to make sweeping conclusions and overviews posted here for those of you who are browsing this site in these first frenetic days and weeks after the terrorist attack on America. I will eventually answer the hundreds of emails pouring in asking for my input with more detailed references to the prophecies in question.

I have issued many warnings based on my understanding of Nostradamus over the past 16 years, and many of you have heard them on television and radio or read them in my nine publishedbooks.

Now a number of these observations take on the magic of prescience. They fall from the delicate sky of a September morn, arriving with the thunderclap of falling skyscrapers. This is some of what I understand is in the prophecies of Nostradamus concerning present and near future events. He spoke of a new type of world war to come; one using surprise and ambush. A rogue leader from the Mideast will trigger it. He is a terrorist, code named in the prophecies as “Mabus” or the “Third Antichrist.” This man will be one of the first to fall in his war. He could become a symbolic martyr for terrorists who will soak the world with blood for 27 years. Nostradamus spoke of the great new city made of high “hollow mountains” near the garden of the world. The state of New Jersey, from whose shore one can view the great hollow mountains of New York City, is known as ?The Garden State.?

In two of Nostradamus? prophecies a thing his 16-century mind can only call ?it? cuts a path to these hollow mountains. They are then seized and boiled in a cauldron (for the actual text of Century 6, Quatrain 97 and Century 10, Quatrain 49 please consult my book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.

Over four centuries ago, Nostradamus may have seen those great hollow mountains hit by a huge, “scattered flame.” He implied that the flame could not be put out and the smoke and debris would rise and ferment in boiling clouds, as if they were ?plunged in a vat.?

What is next for us? If my interpretations are correct we will soon know who the perpetrator ? this Third Antichrist ? is. If ?Mabus? stands as an anagram for Saddam Hussein or Usama Bin Laden or someone we have yet to uncover, look for his death very soon in a retaliatory attack. If a more balanced American foreign policy in Mideast affairs is not forthcoming after the Antichrist falls, then the war is only beginning. America and her allies will endure almost thirty years of terror bombings and catastrophic loss of life.

More articles about the attack on New York and its future consequences will appear in essays in the coming days and weeks in the Hogue Prophecy Bulletins archived at my site. For now I invite you to read my recently archived Hogue Prophecy Bulletin on Who Will Be Mabus?

I would like to add that there are a number of spurious and bogus prophecies of Nostradamus surfacing concerning ?York?s? destruction, etc. These frauds are mixing lines out of context from several authentic Nostradamus quatrains with phrases that are complete fabrications. Do not believe them. A bulletin on the REAL quatrains that might concern the New York and Pentagon attack will be forthcoming.

My mailing list is down and I am being swamped by interview negotiations so I ask those of you on my mailing list and every one else to visit the Archives until further notice. There I will post updates and articles when I can. Those of you who would like to be on the mailing list when it is up again, please send me an email request. I will get back to you as soon as I have a new mailing list on line.

Also look for me to appear on a number of national radio and television shows to make comments in the coming weeks.

Regards, and stay ever watchful, John Hogue.

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