Jim Marrs died today. He was a frequent guest on Dreamland, a beloved participant in Unknowncountry’s Dreamland festivals, and a dear friend of Whitley and Anne Strieber. He was a fearless reporter who brought an unstoppable combination of brilliance, determination and accuracy to his work.
His book about the Kennedy assassination, Crossfire, was made into the film JFK by Oliver Stone. He is also the author of Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, the Rise of the Fourth Reich and many others.

Jim struggled tirelessly to reveal hidden truths about our world. He never tired of using his skills as a reporter to explore subjects and areas of the news that others would not address forthrightly. Always controversial, he was accused of lack of discrimination and many other things by the advocates of conventional wisdom. But time and time again, his ideas proved to be right and his research sound.

His was a voice raised on behalf of ignored and rejected knowledge, and in his careful approach to subjects such as international conspiracies, aliens and the secret government, he was without peer.

From Whitley Strieber: "Most of all, I will miss his voice. Despite the frustrations of a life lived outside the comfortable envelope of accepted belief, I never knew him to express anger or frustration. He was always sailing his boat by himself, and always in shoal waters. But he liked shoals. You could tell by the zest with which he approached every problem, and his ready laughter."

Jim Marrs: Join the search. JimMarrs.com.

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