NASA reports that a recent lull in the sun’s activity did not prevent the Earth from absorbing more solar energy than could escape back into space. This means that climate change is mainly caused by human activity–not the sun, as some people would like to think.

This imbalance (more energy coming in than leaving) is what drives global warming, and because it occurred during a period when the sun was emitting comparatively low levels of energy, it means we have to clean up our act and curb greenhouse gases.

In, Wynne Parry quotes NASA’s James Hansen as saying that "The sun is a small but not negligible factor" (in climate change, but) "the fact we still see a positive imbalance despite the prolonged solar minimum isn’t a surprise given what we’ve learned about the climate system. But it’s worth noting, because this provides unequivocal evidence that the sun is not the dominant driver of global warming."

In other words, it’s not the sun, or kangaroo or cow farts–it’s us folks, it’s US.

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