Women are getting tired of being the ones who have to do all the worrying and planning about contraception and are passing the responsibility on to men. Science is leading the way. Researchers are trying to find methods other than condoms or a vasectomy. They?re trying to find methods that are similar to the pills, sponges and diaphragms that women are familiar with. The British medical journal The Lancet reports on a study of men who took hormones to stop sperm production. They all recovered full fertility about four months after they stopped taking the hormones.

The hormones were actually implants that released a hormone called progestin, which is also found in most female birth control pills. The problem is that progestin not only stops sperm production, it also stops the production of testosterone, the male hormone that most men would rather not do without, since it controls sexual libido, or the desire to have sex.

The male version of the I.U.D., called the Intra Vas Device (I.V.D.) works like a cork, blocking sperm on the way out of the body.

In LiveScience.com, Corey Binns quotes researcher Elaine Lissner as saying, “The Holy Grail of contraception is a long-term, reversible method without any hormonal side effects.”

If you’re already a dad, Happy Father’s Day. Anne Strieber recently wrote a diary about you.

One thing not everyone knows: women get PMS when they ovulate because their serotonin levels get low. But guess what is a natural anti-depressant? You guessed it: sperm! Isn’t nature perfect? Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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