Australian scientists say the Earth may be saved from the worst effects of global warming by the fact that a warmer planet is also a wetter planet. This encourages more plants to grow and soak up the greenhouse gases. However, a wetter world means migration to a New World for some Pacific islanders.

A new report states: “The global water cycle has changed in response to greenhouse emissions?As the world warms it is, on average, getting wetter?Forests, farms and grasslands across the world absorb significant volumes of greenhouse gases. They have the potential to absorb more, ameliorating climate change. Properly managed, they could buy time for the world’s people to make the major reductions in greenhouse emissions from power generation, industry and transport that will be required to reduce the damage from climate change.”

However, the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu can’t wait much longer?it may be the first country to be evacuated due to global warming. They are trying to get Australia, the country nearest to them, to accept their population as “environmental refugees.”

Somoa’s Fiu Mataese Elisara-Laulu thinks that since Australia is the region’s biggest producer of the greenhouse gases, it should feel responsible for the refugees. He says, “We have a genuine case for being affected as environmental refugees if they don’t do anything.”

Whether the Earth is wet or dry, there are still some deep mysteries about the people who live on it that have never been solved. Whitley comes closer to solving the identity of the Master of the Key on this week’s Dreamland!

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