Here are the results of Lynne McTaggart’s latest intention experiment, which took place on July 7. She writes, “We tested whether intention can help barley seeds to sprout earlier and grow into a healthier plant with less disease. After we sent intention to one, randomly chosen set of seeds, the University of Arizona lab team planted our target seeds plus three sets of control seeds. Over two weeks, they measured whether the target seeds germinated first and also whether they were healthier than the controls.” Keep reading to learn the results!

Preliminary analysis seemed to show no difference between the target seeds and the controls. Dr. Gary Schwartz, who devised the experiment, thought that the problem could be “intention contamination,” because both the target and the control had been planted in the same dirt and the plants were not shielded from each other, so the seeds that were sent the intention could have passed that on to the control seeds. So they did the experiment again, this time isolating the two groups of seeds and also giving the target seeds a more SPECIFIC intention. They changed their intention from “My intention is for these seeds to enjoy enhanced germination, greater growth and greater health” to “My intention is for all the seeds in our target group to sprout at least THREE inches by the FOURTH day of growing.”

And this time, it WORKED!

As readers of this website know, we have done research with Dr. Schwartz ourselves and he will be back on Dreamland very soon, talking about his NEW book.

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