Toilet seats are safer than most people think they are, but it turns out that showers can be dangerous.

A film of bacteria clings to the inside of most shower heads and is pushed out by the water when you take a shower, meaning you get a large dose of warm germs. Shower heads can contain as much as 100 times the levels of bacteria found in water.

Researchers who tested shower heads at random found that 30% of them had significant levels of Mycobacterium avium, which most often infects people with compromised immune systems but which can occasionally infect healthy people too. quotes researcher Norman Pace as saying, “If you are getting a face full of water when you first turn your shower on, that means you are probably getting a particularly high load of Mycobacterium avium, which may not be too healthy.” And you thought you were getting CLEAN!

We love to listen to the pitter patter of that shower water. There’s not much rain in the California desert (not any crop circles either), but it SMELLS nice in the fall, and that’s where we’ll be in October, listening to extraordinary speakers and searching the skies for UFOs. It’s delightfully affordable : Join us!

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