Legendary inventor Dean Kamen claims that the much-hyped invention known as IT and code-named “Ginger” isn’t all that big a deal.

The Harvard University Press paid $250,000 for a book about IT, an unprecedented sum for a university press. After seeing the product, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com called it “revolutionary.” Steve Jobs of Apple said the product could revolutionize how cities are designed. Credit Suisse First Boston was said to believe that the product could make Kamen richer than Bill Gates within five years.

Now Kamen says “We have a promising project, but nothing of the Earth-shattering nature that people are conjuring up.”

First reported on the website inside.com, IT was the source of an enormous amount of media speculation. Most of this speculation centered on the idea that the product is a new form of scooter. Whitley Strieber reported on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, January 12, that the product would be revolutionary if it involved some means of affecting gravity, but that no persona scooter could be considered revolutionary unless it contained a new form of motive power.

It is possible, given that Bezos and Jobs have allegedly reacted to something that they saw in operation, that the product really is revolutionary, and that the inventor is trying to cool down the hype because it’s coming too early, years before he plans to unveil Ginger.

Only time will tell.

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