Homes, coffee shops and even entire towns are now being wired for internet access, but no one is investigating the possible health implications of this.

The massive power of the cellphone industry has prevented any serious research into their possible dangers in the US, but Britain has issued a number of warnings about them, mostly because of the work of the British Health Protection Agency headed by Sir William Stewart. This authoritative agency has issued warnings about cellphones, most notably that they can be dangerous to children and should be used by them only sparingly.

In the Independent, Geoffrey Lean reports that three out of every hundred people are what the World Health Organization calls “electrosensitive,” meaning they have reactions to the presence of electromagnetic radiation. A Finnish study says that people who have used cellphones for more than 10 years have a 40% greater chance of getting a brain tumor of that side of the head, and a Swedish study suggests that young people now using them could become senile in their 40s due to destruction of brain cells.

British officials are now concerned that the proliferation of wireless networks could be even more dangerous, and health officials are urging studies. No such studies are planned in the US, and there is no official concern.

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