And will it end this summer? – The $8 billion CERN particle accelerator which is being developed 300 feet underground in a 17-mile-long circular tunnel on the border between France and Switzerland. When it?s turned on this summer, it will send particles crashing into each other close to the speed of light, creating energy more powerful than the sun. There is speculation that when that happens, it will create a black hole that will destroy earth.

In the April 13 edition of the Los Angeles Times, John Johnson Jr. interviews physicist Michelangelo L. Mangano, one of the developers of the machine, who comments on these theories, saying, “If it were just crackpots [saying these things], we could wave them away. But some are real physicists.” But if CERN does manage to create a black hole, “that would be an extremely spectacular result.”

Walter L. Wagner and Luis Sancho have filed suit for a restraining order to block the start-up of the new collider until CERN assures the world that this won’t happen. Johnson quotes Wagner as saying that there is “no proof a mini-black hole [created by CERN] would disappear? It’s just as possible that the tiny black hole would be stable and start chewing up normal matter. It could take years for it to become large enough to gobble up the Earth, but there’s no evidence that can’t happen.”

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