In her popular diet book chapter on Sweets, Anne Strieber has heeded the many letters we’ve received and has made the following addition: “Splenda, which is Sucralose, has not been extensively tested on human beings yet and there are a few warnings out about it. Those of you who are wary, may want to explore the Stevia, but there are also warnings about this herb. If you want to try to tame your cravings for sweets, 5778,s1-3-61-462-5888-1,00.html?,Dr. Andrew Weil suggests in Prevention Magazine that you try the Indian herb Gurmar, which is known as the ‘destroyer of sugar.’ The best solution is the one attributed to Thales, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece, around 400 BC: ‘Nothing overmuch.'” Anne’s current diet book chapter is on exercise and body self-hatred?don?t miss it!

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