Is Israel targeting Iranian nuclear scientists using motor scooters? When 32-year-old chemist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was killed by a someone on a motorcycle who placed a bomb on his car, then sped off, it was the 5th time in two years that a scientist from the Iranian nuclear program had been assassinated by someone on a motorcycle. This may have been done before: Groups of microbiologists mysteriously died years ago.

In the January 12th edition of the Guardian, Julian Borger writes, "In a crowded city such as Tehran, it is the ideal assassin’s tool. Its rider can be masked without appearing out of the ordinary; it can edge closer to its target without attracting attention, and it can also ensure a quick getaway even in the middle of rush hour, flying down the channels between the cars and instantly blending in with a million other similar vehicles."

It may not be Israel that’s behind these attacks, since Iran has gotten rid of dissidents in similar ways in the past. These may be scientists who have been suspected of being disloyal to the state, and the government may be blaming Israel in order to cover up their own participation in these murders.

Are the Iranians killing off "rogue" scientists and blaming the deaths on the convenient target of Israel? Borger writes, "The first victim of the scientist murders, Masoud Ali-Mohammadi–who was killed in January 2010 by a bomb on a parked motorcycle as he walked from his house to his car–was indeed a follower of the opposition Green movement, as well as a senior official in the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP), where western officials suspect a lot of research work is done. So, both sides arguably had a motive for killing him."

He quotes former CIA agent Robert Baer as saying, "My theory is that Israel couldn’t get the White House to agree to bombing. It is not satisfied with sanctions, so the Israelis are trying to provoke the Iranians into launching a missile and starting a war."

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