A U.S. spy satellite has spotted activity at the Tajifactory in Iraq, where they think Saddam Hussein is makingbiological or nuclear weapons. After the 1991 Gulf War,weapons inspectors found out the plant had produced hundredsof liters of Botulinum toxin. Iraq is also making mobilebiological-weapons vans there. Defense Secretary DonaldRumsfeld says, “They’re buying dual-use capability. Abiological laboratory can be on wheels in a trailer and makea lot of bad stuff, and it’s movable, and it looks like mostany other trailer.” The Bush administration says it will notstand by and allow Iraq to develop these kinds of weapons.

UN weapons inspectors also uncovered evidence that Iraq hadfilled Scud-missile warheads with deadly VX nerve agent,which is so powerful that a small amount can kill a personon contact. The plant also includes a major missiledevelopment and production facility. Weapons inspectorsdestroyed many long-range missiles there during the 1990s,before they were forced out in 1998.

Taji also is associated with Iraq’s nuclear weapons program.Intelligence reports indicate that Iraq is trying to producefuel for nuclear weapons, since agents for the Iraqigovernment have recently tried to purchase the specialstainless steel tubing used in centrifuges.

The satellite photographed a convoy of 60 trucks going intothe Taji plant. Weapons specialist Kelly Motz says it wouldbe unusual for trucks to be involved in biological-armsprograms, leading to the suspicion that Taji is nowconcentrating on nuclear arms and that biological weaponsresearch is being done elsewhere. “Most of what Iraq isdoing in the biological-weapons area is either undergroundor in small mobile vehicles,” she says.

U.S. intelligence is also looking for a suspected Iraqibiological weapons laboratory, known as Tahhaddy, or”Challenge,” which has 85 employees. The plant may beproducing a weaponized version of the deadly Ebola virus. ACIA report says that Iraq is converting L-29 traineraircraft into pilotless vehicles “for delivery of chemicalor, more likely, biological warfare agents.”

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