Before this, the worst danger we heard of to do with Ipods was a repetitive stress injury known as Ipod finger. Now it turns out that your Ipod or MP3 player can affect your pacemaker.

A new study that shows being near an Ipod can inhibit pacemaker functioning, affecting your heart rhythm. In, Frederick Lane reports that Ipods caused “various types of interference in pacemakers in 50% of the patients tested.”

Four different iPods?an MP3 player, a video iPod, a photo iPod, and a Nano?were held 2 inches above the chests of over 80 patients with pacemakers for five to ten seconds, while their heart rhythms were monitored with an electrocardiogram. Complete pacemaker inhibition happened in less that 2% of the patients, but interference was present in 50% of them.

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