The British Ministry of Defense (the UK equivalent of the Pentagon) is being asked to launch an official inquiry into a group of recent UFO sightings, one of which was filmed by a soldier on night patrol using his cell phone. The MOD confirms that it has been given the video.

In keeping with its newopenness on this subject and recent releases of previously-classified UFO material, the MOD today faced demands that they launch an official inquiry into the series of recent UFO sightings, many of them in Wales.

In a new twist on the old “swamp gas” excuse, these UFO have been blamed on 100 blazing Chinese lanterns that were launched during a wedding reception. World News Australia quotes “UFO expert” David Clarke as saying, “Call me cynical, but what are the chances that a flying saucer would come down from outer space in exactly the same place where lanterns have been released?”

RTE News quotes UFO investigator Nick Pope as saying, “Something quite extraordinary does seem to be going on in British air space at the moment. There has got to be an official inquiry into all this and we need a senior air force officer to take personal charge and oversee the inquiry.”

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