As of 9/28/02, 10PM CST: We continue to have problems with our new system. These problems will be fixed by Monday at 6PM CST.

Here is a brief Q&A about Windows Media Player:

I get constant buffering!?

Effective Saturday, Sept. 28, all shows will be presented at a bitrate suitable for 56k modems on 28.8k dialup connections.

I have an old computer with a 33K modem and I can’t make your stream work at all.

You need a new modem. We support all modems from 56K up through broadband. 33K modems are too rare now to justify continued support, in view of the fact that it means a significant dropoff in sound quality for the vast majority of listeners.

I get large type in the player when it spawns and cannot see the control panel. What’s the problem?

You’re using too large a typeface in your browser. Go to View, Text Size and select a smaller size. To download the latest Windows Media Player for XP, click here.

I have a Mac. What should I do?

You can get Windows Media Player for Mac from Microsoft. To get Windows Media Player for the Mac, go to the WMP download area and navigate to WMP for OS-X by clicking here.

I use Netscape and Windows Media Player won’t work. What should I do?

If Netscape was installed after Windows Media Player, you need a plugin. Go to the WMP download area and navigate to WMP for Netscape here.

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