Skeptics groups are experiencing declines in membership, in part due to disenchantment with controversial community leaders like "James Randi" (Randall James Zwinge), and in part due to a growing concern that the present skeptical leadership is drifting into the fallacy of rejecting all evidence that is not explained by current scientific models, a fallacy that is particularly worrisome now that a radical new model of reality appears to be emerging. (For a story about just how radical this model actually is, click here.)

Winston Wu has written an essay that brilliantly and decisively rebuts the general skeptical arguments against the paranormal. This is among the best essays ever written on this subject, and deserves extensive study. The essay carefully moves through the entire skeptical lexicon of arguments, rebutting each in turn.

As it reveals the fallacy in each argument, it builds a crucial case against the whole skeptical approach to reality, suggesting that it is, essentially, a form of superstition that has the effect of filtering out data if it cannot be explained by accepted scientific theory.

To read the full insight article and Mr. Wu’s essay, click here.

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