Explorer’s Club board member Catherine Cooke will be discussing her journey to Nepal in search of the Yeti tonight on Dreamland. Ms. Cooke is the neice of Tom Slick, the legendary oilman who conducted the first scientific expeditions in search of the Yeti back in the fifties. Cathy followed in his footsteps, deep into parts of Nepal that remain to this day almost entirely untravelled. Braving an increasingly tense political situation and adverse weather conditions, she made some remarkable discoveries.

While she was there, the political situation in Nepal deteriorated markedly, as China continued to inflitrate terrorists into this Buddhist country, and to support a Maoist insurgency. Shortly after she left, the entire Nepalese royal family was killed, apparently by a crazed prince who had been denied permission to marry the girl of his choice.

During the journey, unusual weather conditions were encountered, and the expedition was at one point pinned down by an unseasonable blizzard that killed some Italian explorers in the same area. In addition, leeches were encountered in parts of Nepal where this pest had not previously been present. Apparently the leeches are moving into what had been climates were too cold for them, as global warming raises temperatures.

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