When it comes to women’s health, we try to keep you informed about the basics. A new 15-year study reveals that women who get breast implants to increase the size of their breasts have a significantly higher suicide rate. Meanwhile, one of the most baffling recent US government actions has been to ban the addition of a newly-discovered prevention for cervical cancer, to the vaccinations given to every young girl, because it might encourage future sexual promiscuity. But one brave group is doing its best to change that.

Cervical cancer, caused by persistent infection with human papillomavirus virus (HPV), is the second most prevalent cancer among women today, taking the lives of nearly 300,000 women worldwide every year. Phyllis Greenberger, of the Partnership to End Cervical Cancer, says, “Our goal is to educate women about cervical cancer and to encourage the public health network, physicians and policymakers to take action to ensure that women have access to medical breakthroughs, such as new vaccines.” These days, women don’t even have access to some of the medications that have been prescribed for them by doctors!

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