Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to go on a diet? Is it time for your pet need to go on a diet too? Dog and cat owners buying weight-control diets for their overweight pets are faced with a confusing variation in calorie density, recommended intake, and wide range cost of low-calorie pet foods. Your pets are too fat, but what do you feed them?

Obesity in pets is associated with numerous diseases and may contribute to a shorter lifespan, so many pet owners turn to low-calories pet foods. However, when a study examined nearly 100 commercially available diets with weight management claims, it found that dry dog foods range in calorie density from 217 to 440 kilocalories per cup and the packages recommended that overweight dogs be given an amount ranging from 0.73 to 1.47 times the dog’s resting energy requirement. The diets also varied wildly in price. Similar findings were made in wet dog food and cat food that are marketed for weight control. Nearly 50% of domesticated animals are overweight or obese.

Nutritionist Lisa Freeman says, “There is so much information (and misinformation) about pet foods, it’s understandable that people are confused about what to feed their dogs and cats. To counteract these myths, people are accustomed to turning to the labels on food, but as this study shows, packaging might not always be a reliable source of information.” And regulations of pet food claims are much more lax than rules about human food.

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