Will there be a gas shortage in our future?or not? One thing we DO know is that here in the US, we have plenty of coal?but burning coal causes terrible pollution. And there’s no way to use it to run cars?or is there?

Bjorn Carey writes in LiveScience.com that scientists say that there is a way to change coal into diesel fuel that can be burned in cars. Since 95% of our energy reserves are still sitting in the ground in the form of coal, this would be a tremendous help?until we can find satisfactory alternative fuels. But will burning coal in cars contribute to global warming?

It turns out that we’ve known how to do this for over 80 years, and most of the trucks in South Africa are powered by coal diesel. This so-called “green diesel” actually emits less pollution than burning conventional gasoline.

So what’s holding us back? This process is expensive?but as the price of gas keeps rising, this may soon no longer be a problem.

We can also imitate Europe and drive smaller cars.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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