Scientists ignore the evidence of visitors to our planet on the assumption that the distances between stars are so great they they could never get here, but new research suggests that something like a ‘warp drive’ may be possible. If so, then the argument is over. The overwhelming evidence of credible UFO sightings and witness testimony must be taken as serious evidence of an alien presence. In 1994 physicist Miguel Alcubierre published a paper entitled "the Warp Drive: hyper-fast travel within general relativity." The paper proposed that a space ship would not accelerate beyond the speed of light, but would contract space in front of it and expand it behind, instantaneously altering the ship’s position without exceeding light speed, and now a team at NASA have set out to perform a real-world test of the proposal.

According to Alcubierre’s theory, it would be possible to create one of these ‘warp bubbles’ in a vacuum, which is a testable theory, and NASA scientist Harold White and his team are testing it now. Will they succeed? The instruments involved are so delicate that they are in the process of moving the experiment into a ‘seismically controlled’ environment at NASA’s space center in Houston, so that they can reach the level of precision necessary, since the slightest movement of the earth throws the experiment off.

If they succeed, though, we might not know about it immediatly. This is because some parts of the project involve novel inventions, observers need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being told exactly where the project is at this time, and how its systems work. There are discussions with outside contractors about it, though, and if there are signs that it may be viable, NASA will continue development.

Would it eventually be classified? Unfortunately, because it involves a novel means of propulsion, that’s not impossible, but at this time the project is not secret.

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