In his new Journal, Whitley talks about what to do if contact comes. Worry? Hope? Pray? Meditate? We know that Mars oppositions bring increases in UFO activity, and Mars is going to make its closest approach in 70,000 years this August. As the opposition of the two planets draws closer, UFO activity continues to rise, so get ready.

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Last October I published a journal entry that asked the question, ?will 2003 be the year of the alien?? I asked this question for a number of reasons, the chief one of which was that Mars is going to make its closest approach to earth in over 70,000 years this summer, and Mars oppositions have in the past usually been periods of peak UFO activity.

Since May, I have been watching the UFO reports carefully, and I have seen an increase in recent months. On Thursday, June 5, published a news story about the increase in the number of cases, and the unusual quality of some of these cases, which have involved very close approaches to some witnesses.

Distinguished UFO scholar Jacques Vallee discovered the Mars cycle. In his book, “Challenge to Science The UFO Enigma,” he presented a graph of UFO waves from 1947 to 1962 that showed dramatic increases in sightings during periods when Mars was close to the earth.

In ?The World’s Greatest UFO Mysteries,? authors Nigel Blundell and Roger Boar observe that “UFOlogists noted that the sighting peak years of 1967 and 1973 coincided with the time when the orbit of Mars brought it closest to Earth.”

Subsequently, two of the largest modern-era UFO waves, those of 1967 and 1973, both occurred during Mars oppositions. Since then, the phenomenon has continued. While there are no studies comparing the intensity of UFO activity to the closeness of Mars, it?s logical to assume that the closest opposition in human history is liable to bring substantial UFO activity.

I don?t mean to suggest by this that I think that UFOs are from Mars. I don?t even mean to suggest that I know what they are. But I do think that it?s reasonable to expect that they will appear in large numbers this coming August and September. (Mars will be closest on August 24th.)

This offers us an opportunity to try something that has never been attempted before. Most abductees and close encounter witnesses have had the experience of mental communication with the visitors. Indeed, this seems to be the primary form of communication, as so many have reported. I experienced this myself, and continue to experience it.

So, why don?t we try to communicate as a group, in an organized way? In preparation for this, I presented two innovative and powerful meditation aids on Dreamland for my May 25 and 31 programs, Hypnotica?s Sphinx of the Imagination and Wayne Dyer?s Getting in the Gap.

You don?t need these aids to get into a state of meditation, but either or both of them will be helpful.

I am going to set up on Unknowncountry a meditation group that works like our prayer group. In it, I will offer meditations that will be intended to facilitate contact. For the first time, there will be an organized human response to the visitors, on the level of communication that they appear to be most comfortable.

I have no idea if the visitors will respond. However, I will say, from a personal standpoint, that I found them to be quite sensitive to this kind of contact, and I was often able to confirm the effectiveness of mental communication with them by real-world actions on their part.

In more than one case, they appeared physically at my old cabin in upstate New York and followed a script I had laid down in mental contact with them. Three times, this resulted in multiple witness events that cannot have been joint hallucinations.

Close encounter witness Lisette Larkins has a new book out, Calling on Extraterrestrials, that we will be discussing on Dreamland on June 21. She?s been with us before for her book Talking to ET, I?ve met her, and I certainly got the impression that she was entirely legitimate. Her new book offers steps to making contact that are similar to the ones I used in my own life, so I suspect that they will be reasonably effective, especially during a period like the one upcoming.

We are also going to republish The Communion Letters in July. This is the single best source in the world of information about what it?s like to have contact. This is because it consists of actual letters from people who had close encounters.

You can expect the debunkers and fearmongers to be out in force during this period, all trying various ways of preventing us from making contact. Whatever they imagine their motives to be, in fact the message of the visitors has been consistent for fifty years: we have to protect and preserve our planet or we?re going to go extinct. Meanwhile, the message of the US Air Force, the scientific and intellectual communities, and some parts of the American intelligence community has been: ignore them, pretend they don?t exist, go about your business.

It?s not hard to see who has our best interests in mind. Indeed, the effort to deny the presence of the visitors is so profoundly against the interests of mankind that it seems to me to have something to do with our ancient fall from grace? whatever that was. Almost universally, I have seen in people who would deny this a great deal of arrogance. As cultural leaders, they do not want to be subordinate to anybody, let alone a higher species. As soldiers, they do not want to admit that they face a higher power who renders all their weapons irrelevant.

However, I would be the last person to suggest that contact might not have perils. Obviously, it will be a dangerous process, for cultural as well as personal reasons. What if the dark tales of human mutilations, for example, are true? What, then, have we opened the door to? Or if the mind does indeed mediate the nature of reality, as many physicists now think that it does, and contact with the visitors pushes aside our version of the real world, plunging us into a state of perceptual chaos from which we might be unable to escape? (For a more detailed examination of this issue, see my journal entry, the Reason for the Secrecy.)

Which gets me to a very large question: if we succeed, what then?

The first thing to do is to define success. I won?t even try to guess what the visitors might do in response to a collective effort like this. When I was living in upstate New York, I never knew how they might respond to anything. Sometimes it was quite straightforward. Other times, what they did was wildly unexpected.

I tried to get them to meet with me in a woods near my house. They showed up at the appointed time. I went halfway down into the woods, but they sounded so tough and mean that I got scared and couldn?t go any farther. Another time, I asked them to reveal themselves to Anne. They buzzed the house with a UFO that looked like a pile of scrap lumber. At least she saw it. She asked me, ?do they always show up in a flying woodpile?? I had no idea how to answer that question.

Other times, they would show up and do literally everything except the one thing I wanted. The one who came in and touched Raven Dana?s hand (see my interview with her in the subscriber section) showed up in front of groups of witnesses, changed shape, and did everything except dance a jig?or get in front of the low light camera that had been rigged up in anticipation of his visit.

I hope you will join me in our new meditation program. I will give some simple instructions for the meditations. It?s not rocket science and it doesn?t take but just a few minutes. We?ll be joining together at specific times of day in different parts of the world.

Some of you?hopefully most?will discover something that has been true, although secret, for some time. This is that groups such as this do communicate with one another. You?ll find, when we are meditating together, that you will be able to follow the activities of the group very reliably?that is, if you don?t let your imagination run away with you.

Frankly, this is best done by stable, emotionally mature people without strongly held beliefs about how the world works. If you have a strong religious conviction that the visitors are demons, or a powerful belief that they?re here ?for the good,? for example, you?re far less likely to achieve useful contact. What works best is an open mind, and an attitude that is founded in questions rather than beliefs or expectations.

I meditated with a group of them for many weeks. This began one night when I was meditating and there was a thud on the roof above me, followed by six more thuds. A moment later, the feeling that somebody was standing beside me became so overwhelming that I couldn?t bear it. I left the room and went into my bedroom. The unseen presence followed. I said in my mind, ?you?re going to have to let me see you and smell you or I can?t do this,? or words to that effect.

I included my sense of smell in the request because I had learned that enlisting it did two related things: it anchored the presence in reality, and because it did that, it calmed me at an instinctual level.

There followed one of the peak periods of my life. Later that night, this being appeared at the foot of the bed. He was dead still, as if the slightest movement would render him invisible to me. I went close to him and took his hand. He was not large, perhaps four feet tall. I smelled his skin, which was very human in its scent. I looked into his eyes. His face was human also. He wore a rather shabby sort of a tunic.

There was nothing further. The next night, I went to meditate and the same thuds were repeated. This time, when there was the sense of a presence entering the room, I was much more calm.

The experience continued on for many weeks. I have written extensively about it elsewhere, and I won?t repeat all the details here. I bring it up only to give you a flavor of what could happen when you meditate. But remember, I demanded, every step of the way, that there be an anchoring of the experience in my reality. If contact unfolds in some other than physical way, I think that it?s important to demand physical confirmation, and especially important to enlist witnesses if you can.

In this case, I asked Anne to come into the room with me one night to meet them. She came, but when she heard their approach, the seven of them arriving as noisily as they always did, she said, ?I?m not ready for this,? and withdrew. But she heard them, and it was very important to me to know this.

If we achieve contact this summer, or if some of us do, it?s going to be as deeply personal and profound an experience as can be imagined. If it is so obvious that it becomes publicly acknowledged, it will begin the process that Jesus prophesied in the Sermon on the Mount when he said, ?the meek will inherit the earth.? Power among men will start to slip from the hands of darkness that clutch it now, and into the grasp of those who would be good stewards.

Remember this: earth has given birth to something we call the human mind. But the visitors view it as a precious resource of innovation and, ultimately, of ecstasy. They are indifferent to power, but willing to use dark appearances to give lessons.

Will people be hurt? Surely. Will dark things be done? Most certainly. But when the water is poured out, the fish always suffers?until he discovers that he has all along been a living miracle: the fish has wings. Ultimately, controlling the encounter experience will be up to us. We will decide its nature. Will it be for good or for evil? We will decide that. Will it wreck the world, or offer us the keys to the universe? It?s up to us.

There are those who want to hold us back by scaring us, and the visitors themselves will test us with fear. The simple among us will divide this new reality into ?good? and ?evil? aliens?as if an entire species could be given over to the expression of only one energy. Are you good, or are you evil? Is mankind?

Recall, always, that whether we are dealing with aliens or not is irrelevant. Because what we know is here is a larger consciousness, and it is participation in that we want. What does it matter to us who has brought it? In the fusion of reality that occurs in the proximity of the visitors, barriers that we take for granted fall. It is prophesied that the dead will rise, and they will indeed in this time. When you read the Communion Letters you will find a whole section devoted to contacts that include the witness?s dead friends and relatives.

Close to the visitors time also changes. I am not the only person who has danced with them in time, and if you join them, you will also come to live in this broader expanse of being.

A lot of negativity will surround contact. There will be terror. There will be those who pretend to special knowledge of the visitors in order to usurp power. But, in contact, there will be no leaders, any more than there are such among the visitors. In that life, there are no secrets and there are no kings. Should the visitors show up in numbers, most of the world will be peaceful, but the US military will scramble all its jets and put on a bellicose show of force. People thought to facilitate contact could be imprisoned or killed, and if that happens please remember that contact is free. You can?t stop thoughts with jets, and your encounter with the visitors is up to you, no matter what government may say.

What we do with the negative energy of those who either want to control contact or prevent it is very much up to us. But remember, energy is energy, whether negative or positive.

In all this, certain religious groups will prove to be surprisingly useful. At high levels, for example, the Catholic Church is well prepared for contact and has considered how to express its faith in a meaningful way, as a vibrant part of the new world that could emerge. If you reach conscious contact, it will take you to a level of life that there is really no way to describe. You will find your existence, with all its ups and downs, changed in a very, very extraordinary way. The mind that was growing in the field of earthly confusion will suddenly find itself planted in a very new place. From deep within you, there will come a new feeling. It can be summed up by one of the few things that I ever heard the visitors say to me in my ordinary hearing: ?have joy.?

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