For the third time in a year, a mysterious chunk of yellow ice has landed in the yard of a house in Davenport, Iowa. Ernest McDonald says that more than one person has blamed this on “pee bombs” that fall when airplane toilets are flushed during cold weather. As the theory goes, the cold upper-level air causes the waste to freeze and drop to the ground, rather than dispersing into the atmosphere. However, it’s doubtful that airplane toilets are emptied in the air. Most likely, they are pumped out once the plane is on the ground, the same way that all chemical toilets are cleaned. At unknowncountry, we’ve discovered these ice blocks are a sign of global warming.

“When I talked to somebody out at the Quad-City airport, they gave me an 800 number to call for the Federal Aviation Administration,” McDonald says. “Of course, you can’t get a human being on the phone. All you get is a machine.” As with earlier U.S. reports of falling ice, his house is not underneath a flight path, so he can’t figure out why he’s been hit three times. The first “bombing” was the biggest, with an ice chunk 18 inches long and solid as a brick that shook the house when it landed. The second and third ice blocks fell within two weeks of one another. “I’ve been a pilot all my life and never heard of such a thing,” he says. “I was also a bombardier in World War II, and I couldn’t have hit the same target this size more than once.”

Unknowncountry news is alone in the U.S. in analyzing and identifying the cause of this new phenomenon, which has nothing to do with airplane toilets. Don’t miss our upcoming Dreamland show on Saturday February 8, when Henry Willis explains how these ice blocks are part of global warming.

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