In the very place where it shouldn’t be – Politicians aren’t the only preachers who have been caught being hypocrites: The Catholic Church has had some recent embarrassments as well. Our only consolation is that change is possible.

A Roman Catholic bank in Germany has apologized after admitting it bought stocks in military, tobacco and birth control companies. Pax Bank advertised ethical investment funds, specifically claiming it would not invest in weapons and tobacco companies, or any other companies that violate Catholic beliefs.

BBC News quotes a Pax Bank spokesman as saying, “Unfortunately in a few internal reviews, the critical investments in question were overlooked.”

It’s clear that business school grads aren’t likely to turn to religion, but which types of degrees produce the most religious students? After all, this IS a nation under God. It turns out that college students who major in the social sciences and humanities are likely to become less religious after college than they were in their freshman year, while those majoring in education are likely to become more religious. But students majoring in biology and physical sciences remain just about as religious as they were when they started college.

Economist Miles Kimball says, “Education majors are clearly safe havens for the religious. Highly religious people seem to prefer education majors, tend to stay in that major, and tend to become more religious by the time they graduate.”

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