A cloning scientist created “human/cow” embryos, containing DNA from both humans and cattle, which lived for several weeks and could have been implanted into a woman’s womb.

Jonathan Leake of The (U.K.) Sunday Times writes that Panayiotis Zavos made the hybrid embryos by inserting human DNA into the eggs of a cow. He did it in order to refine his cloning techniques and says, “We are not trying to create monsters.”

The embryos grew to several hundred cells, which is beyond the stage, known as differentiation, in which cells begin to develop into tissues and organs.

Further studies of this kind are sure to be done. Besides enraging people who are against abortion, the creating of hybrids troubles everyone. It’s doubtful that such a hybrid could ever be born alive?but you never know.

We need a new kind of morality for a new age.

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