Hurricane Maria moved across the Atlantic and, still intactas a category 1 hurricane, struck the coast of Norway onSeptember 15, causing widespread flooding and leaving oneperson dead.

Maria hit the western shores of Scandinavia with winds of 60miles an hour.

“The hurricane didn’t touch the American coasts and hastherefore maintained a large portion of its energy as itcrossed the Atlantic,” the Swedish Meteorological andHydrological Institute said in a public advisory on its website.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute also issued a stormwarning for the northern part of the Baltic Sea, andpassenger ferries between Helsinki and Estonia were dockedto avoid the high seas.

The hurricane was expected to sweep over the south andsoutheast of Finland Wednesday evening, and FMI warned thatit could also cause flooding inland.

It is extremely unusual for hurricanes to remain intact allthe way into cold northern waters.

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