Newswise – Lately, everyone from government officials to radiocommentators has tried to blame global warming on sunspotsand even volcanoes, implying that the warming, whicheveryone now agrees is happening, is not the fault of humanbeings. A famous novelist has even written a book sayingthat global warming is a left wing conspiracy! But nowScientists at the prestigious Scripps Institution ofOceanography have produced clear evidence that ocean warmingis being caused by greenhouse gas emissions from things likecars and power plants.

Tim Barnett and David Pierce of the Scripps Institution useda combination of computer models and real-world “observed”data to measure how greenhouse gases have warmed the oceans.The authors make the case that warming is produced by humanactivities.

“This is perhaps the most compelling evidence yet thatglobal warming is happening right now and it shows that wecan successfully simulate its past and likely futureevolution,” says Barnett. He was “stunned” by the resultsbecause the computer models reproduced the penetration ofthe warming signal in all the oceans. He says, “Thestatistical significance of these results is far too strongto be merely dismissed and should wipe out much of theuncertainty about the reality of global warming.”

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We all know the truthwhen we see it.

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