Could hasten climate change – An iceberg the size of a small European country has broken off from a glacier in Antarctica after being rammed by another giant iceberg. This could effect the circulation of the jet stream in the ocean, which would in turn affect climate change. It could also be lead to starvation for the local penguins.

The area is an important zone for the creation of dense, salty water that is a key driver of global ocean circulation. In Reuters UK, David Fogarty quotes researcher Rob Massom as saying, “The calving itself hasn’t been directly linked to climate change but it is related to the natural processes occurring on the ice sheet.”

Researcher Neal Young notes that the calving of the iceberg has changed the shape of the local geography. BBC News quotes him as saying, “There are emperor penguin colonies [that] come to this area to feed, and seals in the area also come to get access to the open water. “If the area gets choked up (with ice), then they would have to go elsewhere and look for food.”

Notice how the subject of climate change has DISAPPEARED from the mainstream media, which seems focused on meaningless trivialties? Science deniers, creationists, and their fellow travelers aren’t just targeting evolution. Now they’re turning their sights on global warming.

The South Dakota legislature has passed House Concurrent Resolution 1009, which encourages teachers to present “balanced teaching” on global warming. The state senate has passed a similar resolution. If this language sounds familiar, it’s because “balanced and objective”, “strengths and weaknesses”, and similar wording have been used for years by creationists to weaken evolution education and sneak religion into science classes.

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