Huge blocks of ice are still falling from the sky and they’re still being blamed on passing airplanes, even though we have shown that they are actually caused by global warming. This has happened twice so far this year in the Philadelphia area.

A family was woken up suddenly on February 22 by a giant block of ice that crashed through the roof of their home. quotes Mi Young Choi as saying, “My mom heard a huge explosion type of sound and we all came out just to see and there was a huge hole in our ceiling.” The website reports that a few weeks earlier, on January 17, a “bowling ball-size ice chunk” tore through the roof of another home nearby.

The reader who sent us this story says that if this happened twice in a 6-week period in one small area of the US, “One can conclude that THOUSANDS of ice chunks have to be falling…the majority hitting nothing and going unnoticed” [at least by the mainstream media].

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