Did you ever stop and think about how our alphabet was invented?about how the letters and symbols of all the different alphabets around the world were conceived? Scientists now think they all came from nature.

A new study of how robots view the world has given researchers the theory that the shapes of letters in all languages come from common forms in nature. But how did robot technology give rise to this revelation?

Robots navigate by learning to recognize contours. For instance, a corner is seen as a “Y” and a wall by the “L” shape, it makes when it meets the floor. In LiveScience.com, Robert Roy Britt quotes neurobiologist Mark Changizi as saying, “It struck me that these junctions are typically named with letters, such as ‘L,’ ‘T,’ ‘Y,’ ‘K,’ and ‘X,’ and that it may not be a coincidence that the shapes of these letters look like the things they really are in nature.”

Many people are familiar with the famous montage of butterfly wings, each one revealing the design of a letter of the Western alphabet. Changizi thinks that the letters and symbols in Chinese, Latin, Persian, and all 97 of the other writing systems that have ever been used throughout the ages can be found in nature as well.

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