People are bad at spotting liars because they look for the wrong signals. “People are really dreadful at detecting when someone is lying,” says Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. “They think that liars avoid eye contact and fidget a lot. In fact, liars maintain more eye contact and they don’t fidget.

“What you should do is look to see if there are long pauses between the questions you ask and the answers people give,” he says. Other indicators include the use of short sentences, and any errors in the person’s speech. Lack of movement can also be a clue that the person is lying. Wiseman doesn?t think polygraph machines are accurate and says, “They detect when someone is stressed, not necessarily when they are lying.”

Wiseman became famous on the internet for his research into what makes people laugh. Last year he tried to find the world?s funniest joke and created a website where people could submit their favorites and vote on others. Most people didn?t think the jokes were very funny. To read some examples, click here.

UFO Experiencers are used to being laughed at by the media, but American Indians and other indigenous people take the subject of ETs seriously. Read their stories in ?Legends of the Star Ancestors? by Nancy Red Star, click here.

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