As the death toll from the Pakistan earthquake passes the 80,000 mark, the weather in the region is turning cold. Many thousands more are going to die this winter, and so far only $135 million of the $550 million in aid dollars that have been promised have actually been received. But the story’s over. The big media has forgotten about the quake. The public has gone on to other things. But here at, we can tell you how to make a difference.

People are still dying, and facing a winter of horrific suffering. Whitley Strieber has been looking for a way to help these people that will actually save lives, and I have found one. I have researched it carefully, and it is legitimate.

The great problem is shelter. There are so many people without housing that there simply are not enough tents available or in the pipeline to house them. There are going to be men, women and children spending the hard winter outside, and there will be many deaths.

A program has been developed through the Mercy Corps, a long-established charitable organization with the ability to get the aid to those who need it, to provide emergency survival blankets. Each blanket can help two people make it through the winter, and each blanket costs one dollar.

With a ten dollar contribution you can give twenty people a chance at life that they do not have now.

Anne and I are sending our check for $500.00 today, and we urge you to make a donation, too. Anything matters, even if it is a dollar bill in an envelope. That is two lives. Think of it, a dollar can do that. ( does not profit in any way from your donation. We are not affiliated with the Mercy Corps, except in spirit.)

click here to learn more and make your donation.

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