We’ve reported on the dangers of feeding infants with plastic baby bottles. Now it?s been discovered that although breastfeeding doesn’t make kids smarter, breastfed kids DO attain higher social status when they’re adults.

A large, long term study reveals that breastfed kids climb higher up the social ladder than bottle-fed children. For two years, from 1937-1939, over 3,000 children from 16 rural and urban areas across England and Scotland were monitored from birth. Around 1,400 children, who are in their 60s and 70s today, were studied.

The prevalence of breastfeeding varied from 45% to 85%, but was not dependent on household income, expenditure on food, number of siblings, birth order, or social class in childhood. But those who had been breastfed as babies were 41% more likely to move up the social ladder as adults than those who had been bottle fed, and the longer a child was breastfed, the greater were their chances of upward mobility.

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