And WHY – In their unending search for extraterrestrial life, astronomers have discovered a new way to search for planets as small as the Earth that are in orbit around distant stars. reports that this is something called Transit Timing Variation (TTV). Transits take place where a planet moves in front of the star it orbits, temporarily blocking some of the light from the star.

Meanwhile, scientists are trying to create THEIR OWN star. At a government lab are planning to use a laser the size of 3 football fields to set off a nuclear reaction so intense that it will create a star on the surface of the Earth. If it works, they’ll be able to solve the global energy crisis by using the energy generated by the mini-star.

On, John D. Sutter quotes Bruno Van Wonterghem of the Livermore National Laboratory as saying, “We have a very high confidence that we will be able to ignite the target within the next two years.”

How to do it? Build the world’s largest laser and it into 192 beams. Then aim all of them at a single point that’s about the size of a BB and contains a tiny amount of the radioactive isotopes deuterium and tritium, which are surrounded by a tiny capsule of gold. Then fire! This will create a reaction that is hotter than the center of the sun and will exert more pressure than 100 billion atmospheres, smashing the hydrogen isotopes together with so much force that their nuclei will fuse, sending off energy and neutrons. When that happens, you have given birth to a star.

Is it dangerous? Sutter quotes project spokeswoman Lynda Seaver as saying, “There’s no danger to the public. The [worst possible] mishap is, it doesn’t work.”

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