We may use inflatables to create an extension for the ISS, but when we build on the moon (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), we want something more permanent: While an inflatable structure could be transported from Earth, it would then need to be covered with a shell built by 3D printers, and the shell would be constructed from material already on the moon’s surface.

The printers, operated by robots (not human construction workers), would use soil from the moon to build the layered cover.

Three years ago, researchers found that artificial the moon’s soil, called regolith, contains silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron and magnesium oxide and thus could be used by 3D printers to create solid objects.

If they dig up too much regolith, will the moon still look the same?

Deep Space Industries (DSI) has announced plans to use material from asteroids for creating buildings and other objects by sending 3D printers into space.

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