There’s no reason older guys can’t still enjoy sex, but in order to perform, they need to be sure to get plenty of sleep! This may sound like a contradiction, but it’s true: lack of sleep causes testosterone levels to drop in ALL men.

In, Robin Lloyd reports on sleep research that measured the testosterone levels in 12 healthy men, aged 64 to 74, after a night in a sleep lab, and found that those who were kept awake (or awakened intermittently) had lower testosterone levels. It’s known that testosterone peaks in the morning, usually around 4 a.m., and sleep deprivation can even affect the sex drives of much younger men. Men’s testosterone levels drop by 1 to 2% a year starting in their 20s or 30s.

Lloyd quotes sleep reseacher Lawrence Epstein as saying, “You’d be surprised that sleep can interfere with hormonal secretion and things we presume are part of aging.” With the number of second marriages now going on (often to younger spouses), this is something that older men need to be aware of. According to Epstein, “A lot of sleep deprivation is volitional. People choose to stay up later, watch TV, be on the internet, do other things than get enough sleep.”

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