Why did the top newspapers in the US fail to challenge the Bush administration’s claims about the need to invade Iraq in order to prevent terrorism, which we now know was based on untruths?

Journalism professor Susan D. Moellar thinks our newspapers are STILL failing us. She studied coverage of terrorism and the war in some of our biggest national dailies, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times and the Boston Globe, from Sept. 11, 2001 through 2007, and says, “Too many journalists from the most important newspapers in the country are still validating President Bush’s combination of different types of terrorism into a single category of threat.

“Reporters are not adequately distinguishing between state terrorism?such as that formerly practiced by the Taliban?and terrorism by distinctive terrorist groups?such as al Qaeda, which operates globally or Lashkar-e-Toiba, which is focused on Kashmir.” This is one of the main reasons for the public’s confusion about need for a global War on Terror.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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